Broken Cross and Upton Priory

This neighbourhood page summarises all the work that we are doing in your area from Lanark Walk and Churchway to Kennedy Avenue and Berwick Close. It includes how we are making homes safe, listening to your views and tackling anti-social behaviour.

Your Neighbourhood teams for Broken Cross and Upton Priory

The Income Officer for Broken Cross and Upton Priory is Hannah Pickup.  

Who are the Income Team? 

The Income Team work with customers to help them pay their rent and services charges to ensure. They're an enthusiastic team that help you maintain your tenancy. 

What do we do? 

"No two days are the same! We help customers stay on top of their rent but we also provide other support, like... 

  • help with benefits claims 
  • signposting customers to sources of help such as food banks and financial support 
  • work with customers to develop and implement payment plans 
  • support previous tenants to clear their debts when they are no longer tenants of the Trust 

Our main goal is to help customers maintain their tenancy.’ 

Sharron McIndoe, Income Team Leader 

Your Neighbourhood Officer for this area is Siobhan Clowes (left).

To contact Siobhan, email


What's happening in your area?

Events and meetings

Your local Neighbourhood Officer, Siobhan holds monthly drop-in sessions on a Wednesday around the 20th of each month? 

  • The Core Pantry, Church of the Resurrection, Upton Priory
  • 3pm-4pm
  • Next date Wednesday 19th June.

Estate inspections

We'll be heading to Upton Priory on Thursday 11th July 2024. Stop us and say hi!

Past events

Customer satisfaction

From April-June 2024, customers* living in Broken Cross and Upton Priory told us they were 72% satisfied with the overall service from us.

  • 86% were satisfied that their rent is value for money.

  • However, only 22% were satisfied with the time taken to complete the last repair.

Find out how we are doing - from repairs performance and customer satisfaction to the impact we have on our communities and the work we do with partners here: Our Performance.

*18 customers in Broken Cross and Upton Priory who completed the survey

Customers, homes and other properties

  • Average age of a Peaks & Plains customer is 55.

  • Average age of Peaks & Plains customers who live in Broken Cross and Upton Priory is 46.

In Broken Cross and Upton, we have 295 homes. These are made up of:

  • 6 bungalows

  • 29 flats

  • 114 maisonettes

  • 151 houses

In the area we also have:

  • 168 garages

  • 64 inside shared spaces.

    Did you know we’ll install smoke and/or heat detectors to current fire safety regulations in all shared spaces and service these in line with the British Standard.

We make sure that our homes are well maintained and safe

We plan to invest £1,470,524 over the next 1 -5 years in this area.

Every year, we service 679 gas appliances in the area.  

All gas heating systems including gas boilers, gas fires and other gas appliances that have been provided by us will be serviced annually. 

There is a large scheme of work currently in progress at the Upton Priory blocks of flats.

This includes fire stopping work in the communal areas and 128 flats, upgrading the fire alarms in the communal areas and the flats and also completing upgrades to the electrical consumer units in each of the flats.

All of the flats will also have a new flat entrance door which will be fire rated and have a self-closing device fitted. 

Windows in all homes will be double glazed, and loft insulation will be improved as much as possible to help reduce your energy bills. Where appropriate we will also install alternative technology such as air source heat pumps or solar panels. 

We’ll install and maintain carbon monoxide monitors in all homes with an open flue, solid fuel or where the boiler is in a bedroom/living area.   

All domestic and communal electrical wiring will be tested every 5 years. 

We will carry out surveys and maintain an asbestos register which will record the presence of any asbestos in internal and communal areas. We will repeat this survey according to best practice guidelines. These guidelines differ depending upon the type, location and condition of any asbestos found. 

Find out more about safety in your home.

We’ll respond to all requests for adaptations from occupational therapists and install level access showers as a replacement to baths in all older person accommodation. 

Find out more about aids and adaptations.

The approach to replacing all major building components (such as windows, doors, kitchens and boilers) will depend on their current condition and whether they form part of our improvements programme of work. 

Stock condition surveys and individual inspections will take place to determine whether replacement is required. This will identify where a component needs to be replaced earlier than scheduled, or where replacement works can be rescheduled due to the component not needing to be replaced. 

External painting and internal communal areas will be repainted every 7 years.

(Unless lease agreements specify earlier, or the condition of individual schemes requires a different timescale.)

Your voice in Broken Cross and Upton Priory

Challenge Group sit at the board table in the Peaks & Plains office.

Our Challenge Group meets every five weeks, but we have a range of ways to get involved for anyone living in Broken Cross and Upton Priory.

Your neighbours are making an impact

Two members of our Challenge Group lives in this neighbourhood. One of which is our Building Safety Champion. 

Why don't you consider getting involved too or send your Challenge Group a question.

Read about one of our Challenge Group member's experiences.

Local support and partners

What's happening in your area...

We believe everyone has the right to enjoy their home and live peacefully alongside their neighbours. To make sure this is possible each person must play their part. 

During April - June 2024, 55% of 19 customers living in your area who responded to our survey said they were satisfied with our approach to ASB.

In the last 12 months, we have dealt with and resolved 16 anti-social behaviour cases in the area. Here is a summary.

  • 6 neighbour disputes 

  • 3 noise related 

  • 4 domestic abuse 

  • 1 verbal abuse 

  • 2 Vandalism

The Trust takes a multi-agency approach to dealing with ASB, there are a number of early interventions we can take such as referring cases for mediation, referring cases into complex case forums, using warnings and acceptable behaviour contracts and where necessary taking legal action such as a Civil Injunction or Possession Proceedings. We work closely with the Police and when required support them when they apply for a Closure Order against a property managed by the Trust. In most cases early interventions are successful and the Trust is able to resolve issues at the earliest opportunity.

Find out more about what we mean by 'anti-social behaviour' and how you can report it.

Get involved in your community

We are looking for people in Broken Cross and Upton Priory to help us to shape and improve our services. Would you like to get involved?

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