Our responsibilities

It’s our responsibility to make sure that the Trust owned grounds maintenance areas are kept as they should and ensure the grass, hedges, shrubs and pathways are kept neat and tidy.

Grass cutting update

01 July 2024: Our contractor's equipment has been repaired! Catching up on the grass cutting will take a few weeks, as the grass has grown long and requires a combination of 'cut and drop' and collection of clippings. We understand the importance cut grass to you and have received lots of calls about it. Rest assured, if we are responsible for cutting your grass, we will reach you. Last week, we finished work in Sutton, Prestbury, Thorntree Bungalows, Wellfield Close, Holly Grove Tabley, Knutsford, Chelford, Leadbeaters, Lacey Green, and began in Bollington. This week, we aim to continue and complete Bollington, Gawsworth, Disley, Poynton, Range & Pennine, Harry Lawson Court, and Hulley Road.

We are now working with local contractor ANSA to look after your green spaces.

We’re responsible for cutting Trust owned communal grass during the April – October season, carrying out shrub and hedge cuts to Trust owned areas outside of the bird nesting season, and managing non-native invasive weeds in communal areas.

ANSA will now be completing these jobs

  • Cutting grass (see below)

  • Pruning shrubs, bushes and maintaining borders twice a year

  • Cutting hedges twice a year

  • Maintaining trees (all our trees in communal areas have been surveyed and tagged with an ID tag, which we use to monitor trees and carry out maintenance)

  • Lawn edgings twice a year

  • Weed spraying (spot spraying)

Unfortunately bad weather sometimes affects the work that our grounds maintenance contractor can do. If it’s raining they will still cut the grass.

But in extreme weather the machines might damage the grass or lift mud to the surface, which might mean we’re not able to finish the job or the job won’t look as great as it would in dry conditions.

If you aren’t happy with the condition the grass is left in please contact the Trust.

The standard of our contractor's work is monitored by our Estate Services Team when they carry out their inspections. Customer feedback is also welcomed and provides a great deal of information regarding the Performance of our Grounds Maintenance Contractor.

Cut and drop

ANSA will be spearheading a greener approach to grounds maintenance and moving to a ‘cut and drop’ service. 

This means cutting the grass and dropping it on the ground - leaving it behind. It will still be blown away from your property and pathways will be cleared.

All residents were sent a letter in January advising of the change in service.

This new 'cut and drop' approach is also known as 'grasscycling', which is more environmentally friendly and reduces vehicle trips to dispose of the waste - increasing working time spent on site, rather than travelling.

Some other benefits are:

  • Cut and drop encourages healthier grass since the nutrients are released back into the soil 
  • It creates a natural fertiliser 
  • Cut and drop cuts down on landfill / disposal 
  • This method saves energy since we're not taking the cuttings the landfill/composting sites, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint 
  • It's also more expensive to collect the cuttings - it needs more equipment, more labour, more costs to dispose of the cuttings, and more time. This would result in increased charges for residents, which we wanted to avoid.  


Your Council's responsibilities

Cheshire East maintain the grounds in parks, play areas and open spaces. They also have responsibility for roads and pavements.

CEC Grounds maintenance

CEC Road and pavements 

Cheshire West and Chester maintains the grass and grounds in all public areas, such as verges, parks and play areas. 

High Peak Council is responsible for looking after parks and open spaces. They also care for the grass on roadside verges on behalf of Derbyshire County Council.


This will not change your waste removal. Your bins are still with ANSA - but this is managed by Cheshire East Council.
We don't own all the green spaces where you live. There might be parks, grass verges, or communal lawns owned by other organisations, like Cheshire East Council or an alternative management company for example. It's also important that you understand what we do and don't do - we're very clear about what tasks our contractors carry out and what is your or another organisation's responsibility.


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