Warren Close, Knutsford

The Trust has exciting plans to redevelop a piece of land next to Ladies Mile in Knutsford. This includes the construction of four bungalows and four houses, along with appropriate and sensitive landscaping.

Latest update June 2024

  • PLP Construction Ltd have been appointed as the main contractor and continue to make progress on the construction of seven new residential properties for the Trust. 
  • Construction began in mid-March 2024.  
  • In mid-June 2024, a crane will be onsite for a few days. The crane will be used to install the timber frame of the 2 and 3 bedroom houses. 
  • PLP Construction Ltd expect to be onsite until December 2024. 
  • The seven properties include four houses all available for shared ownership (3 x 2 bedroom houses and 1 x 3 bedroom house) and three bungalows (2 x 1 bedroom bungalows both available for social rent and 1 x 2 bedroom bungalow available for shared ownership). 
  • Read the PLP Construction Ltd Warren Close Newsletter.
  • Email enquiries regarding the properties available for shared ownership should be directed to hello@homesbychalk.com and developmentsales@peaksplains.org 

Resident and stakeholder meeting held on 30th June 2021

Video timings and questions

  • 0:35 Introductions
  • 1:38 Background on the development (Dan Brocklehurst - Development Manager)
  • 5:08 Proposed designs, presented by Bowker Sadler Architects
  • 33:33 Questions from residents and stakeholders

Questions included

Yes. The development is meant to link to Ladies Mile, so you can reach all the properties through a pedestrian path from Ladies Mile. 

We're aiming to continue the building line from Ladies Mile, so the two storey buildings are on the right hand side of the development - this is so the homes fit in with what has already been built. The two storey buildings are meant to be next to the other two storey buildings

Our architects have been discussing the telegraph poles with the relevant utilities companies, and we're working to make sure that services to the new homes are effective and visually appealing. Obviously, there will be no disruption of services to other properties in the area. 

It's unlikely; we've worked to make sure that the two story homes create privacy for both our new tenants and their neighbours. 

If you have more feedback on how this impacts you, we will have a follow up consultation meeting. You're welcome to make more comments during that meeting. 

We're committed to maintaining biodiversity in the area, so we'll look into whether this - or adding perforations in the walls for wildlife - is possible. 

We're going to review this and see if it will be possible. 

We looked at Kilney Lodge when designing these new homes, and added design features that we can see there - such as a verge trim and a strong band of brick. We're happy to re-examine the design and see if there are any areas where decoration can be amended. 

We wrote letters, asking local residents to join this meeting, to 21 neighbours from Heath Drive, Warren Close, Warren Avenue, and Ladies Mile. 

There is currently one hedge and one fence which separate our homes from other properties, but it's unclear whether this is a party boundary. Other homes are far enough away that we don't need to consult with any other neighbours for the demolition to go ahead. 

It will take 18 months from now until completion of the new homes, including time taken for gaining planning approval and then building the development. 

All trees within or next to the site on Warren Close have been recorded as being in reasonable condition and suitable for retention.

One tree will be monitored for decay, but it's not currently showing any signs. All trees on the perimeter of the site are classed as category A or B, which means that they're of high or moderate quality. As a result, there would be resistance from the local authority to remove them.

Any trees on our land are managed carefully and we undertake regular tree risks assessments.

Demolition of the existing bungalows (complete)

The demolition of the site is now complete and the site has been cleared and secured.