Ivy Road, Macclesfield

We have exciting plans for Ivy House and the surrounding area. We've discussed our ideas with local residents, involved tenants and local councillors - and now we have submitted our plans to the Council.

Latest update June 2023

  • We're still waiting for planning permission.

  • The Trust has submitted a viability assessment (a process which checks whether a site is financially viable - i.e. whether the value created by the development is greater than the building costs), as requested by local residents during our consultation. We are hoping that the viability assessment will be considered by the the Northern Planning Committee in June or July 2023.

  • Last summer, we involved children in a community art project by working with a local artist and St John school to brighten up the black hoarding. Read the full blog post here.

Planning documents now available

The planning application - 21/5123M.  
The closing date for comments was 24th November 2021.

What's happening

Peaks & Plains Housing Trust plans to:

• Redevelop the site of Ivy House, the bungalows on Ivy Road and Countess Road, and adjacent garages.

• Build back good quality affordable homes.

We've submitted a planning application to Cheshire East Council for 29 homes: 6 walk-in flats, 2 bungalows and 21 houses. They will be available through a mix of shared ownership and affordable rent. Thanks to your feedback on our original designs, we even changed the types of homes that would be available. 

If Cheshire East Council can approve our planning application by July 2023, then we can start construction by January 2024. Construction will take approximately 14 months. This is, of course, a provisional timeframe at the moment. 

How we listened to you

Since you gave us your feedback during the resident consultation, we've been working hard alongside our architects to address as many of your questions and comments as possible.

Your feedback has helped us make significant changes to the site layout and you've helped to inform the new designs. We've listened to your concerns and included the following in our newest proposal:

  • Setting the building line back on Ivy Road to respect the neighbouring properties
  • Widened and ‘greened’ up the pedestrian path through the site
  • Made sure that some parking to the rear of housing off Countess Road is retained
  • Retained a view/vista from the existing neighbouring houses located to the west of the site
  • Included some smaller 1 bed properties
  • Reviewed boundary conditions and fencing proposals to ensure existing and new properties will be secure
  • You had quite a few worries about dust during the demolition of Ivy House. We're really pleased with the progress our contractors have made - Ivy House is now more than 90% demolished. The adjacent bungalows will start to be demolished once Cadent and Electricity North West have disconnected their electric supply.

Lots of smaller improvements have been made too - including improving 'placemaking'.

As promised during the resident consultation meeting, once the application is submitted we will reinforce resident's concerns about traffic on Ivy Road to Cheshire East Council Highways.    

Resident consultation meeting held on 5 May 2021

You can watch the recording of the meeting here.

If you want to have your say please email getinvolved@peaksplains.org.


Video timings and questions

  • 0:55 Introductions
  • 4:25 Background to the development (Justine Gore - Assistant Director of Development)
  • 7:26 Customers consultations prior to this event (Dan Brocklehurst - Development Manager)
  • 8:15 Draft plans presented by architects Bowker Sadler
  • 19:17 The development timeline (ie demolition, planning application, redevelopment) - including security, waste and access. 
  • 21:45 Questions from residents 


Questions from 5 May 2021 consultation included:

We hope to do the demolition from July-September, while the school is closed if we can.

Contractors will need to work out how to minimise the impact during school time (eg planned deliveries, and the movement of large vehicles). 

They will probably use the rear of the site, to keep away from the school.

The contractors will provide a traffic management plan, which will need to be approved by Cheshire East and Highways. This will form part of the consultation process by local residents and businesses.

We have deliberately put low level buildings in the scheme to avoid blocking the sun.

The position of this home and the movement of the sun mean that the homes on Countess Road will not be cast into shadow, nor overlooked.

When we have appointed a contractor we'll need to submit plans for how we will mitigate noise, vibration, traffic and dust. 

For example, water will likely be used to suppress the dust. Scaffolding and solid timber hoarding will be erected before the demolition starts. 

The 2 and 3 bed houses will have two parking spaces each.

There will be enough parking spaces to serve the entire site - for all properties that have been proposed.

The pedestrian route will be safely landscaped and the crossing by the school will be maintained. 

Your concerns about road safety have come across loud and clear. We will put forward your concerns about traffic calming to the Highways at Cheshire East. 

We don't know what the foundation plans are yet. 

There are different types of pile driving that could minimise vibrations, but we'll know more at the next stage of consultation.

We are removing a three storey building and replacing it with two storey house, so there should be less 'overshadowing', but we'll certainly look into this.

Good question. Some of it is out of our hands. Our timeline is partly dependent on planning, but we are keen to get the site down asap.

Ivy House has already been broken in to and we need to avoid any more anti-social behaviour where possible.

Don't see why not. We've done this before and it's certainly something we can consider.

It will be a bungalow with a shallow pitched roof. When the garages are removed there will be a proper and new fence provided.

We've tried to split the access to the development fairly evenly between Bransdale and Ivy / Countess Roads.

Access to these homes will be retained, but we need to do more work to look more closely at the levels.

There will be 2m (approx) fence at the back of these homes on Countess Rd.

This will depend on when we can get approvals to move forward. We hope for the end of the summer school term.

This has not been finalised. Currently, they are for affordable rent and a small amount for shared ownership. 

Demolition of the buildings (complete)

The demolition of the site is now complete and the site has been cleared and secured.

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