Coope Rd - our vision for new homes

On 4 October 2023 around 50 local residents came to take a look our initial ideas for affordable homes at Coope Rd, Bollington. They had questions and concerns about a range of issues from drainage and noise to wildlife and traffic.

We were so pleased that of the 225 residents who were invited, around 50 made it along to our drop-in session at Bollington Community Centre.  

This was the Trust’s first opportunity to share with locals our reasons for wanting to develop this site.  

  • We are a profit for purpose organisation. 

  • We want to play a part in addressing affordable housing need in Bollington. 

  • We are already committed to this area and creating great places to live.  

"Where we see an opportunity to provide high-quality, affordable homes, we will want to pursue the options. That’s what we are doing at Coope Rd, Bollington.  

I’m glad that we’ve had the opportunity to hear residents’ views first-hand at this very early stage."

Alec Gaston – Head of Asset, Compliance and Development 

Items that would be part of any future planning condition


There were concerns about the busy area around the leisure centre, in particular.  


A basic survey of wildlife has been completed. A further, more detailed survey would be a next step. 

Drainage and sewers

We received plenty of useful information about drainage on this site. Any future plans would require much more detailed investigations into water levels, drainage and sewers etc.  


We would work with Cheshire East Council to establish exactly what the demand is for affordable housing e.g. 80% of market rent or shared ownership. 

We have our own data that makes it clear that there is high demand for affordable homes in this area, particularly for young families who want to stay living in Bollington near their families. 

Disturbance - such as vibration

If we developed this site we would certainly consider local residents and we’d use contractors that have signed up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

This will be considered at the planning stage.  

Most modern piling techniques will be less intrusive than those used back in the 1990s when homes at Coop Rd were built.  

Overcrowding and over-subscribed services

We would do a thorough housing needs survey and be steered by Cheshire East on this.  

Items that we will raise internally

Anti-social behaviour

Some people thought that this wasn’t a problem; others disagreed. We’ll talk to our Neighbourhood Officer and ASB team about this.  

Maintenance of the site today

We’ll raise your concerns with our Estates Team to find out what plans there are to maintain this piece of land. 

Topics that are useful background information for the Trust

You told us things that will really help us to consider the viability of this site. Thank you.  

There were issues with getting planning permission for this land 30 years ago.  

Housing need

Some people mentioned local empty homes that need work. So why would we build new homes when others are empty? 

  • One home on Heath Rd is empty while we secure the funds for a refit.  

  • Two bungalows on Coope Rd need more work to underpin them.

There is no lack of demand for homes in Bollington.  

Positive feedback

  • This session has been a really nice to meet neighbours we haven’t met before. 

  • Generally, in favour for rent. Not ownership. 

  • I am generally in favour of affordable housing. And think this would be a good development. If people's concerns are allayed.