Home ownership

With high house prices, large deposits and lenders unwilling to lend, the prospect of buying your own home can seem like an impossible dream. Don’t worry - there are a number of other options to consider, like shared ownership and rent to buy.

Basically, you buy a share of the home (usually around 50%) and the rest of it belongs to us, Peaks & Plains Housing Trust.

You pay a mortgage for the part that you own, and you pay us rent on the rest.

You get all the security of owning your home and you get to make a start on the property ladder, but you only have to pay a fraction of the total asking price.

We are delighted to be a SharedOwnership.net partner and are committed to building awareness and understanding of shared ownership.

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'Rent to buy' is a government scheme that helps you buy your own home. You can rent a quality new home for 80% of it's market value for up to five years. This gives you the opportunity to save up for a deposit.

Buy your home with Chalk

Chalk is the new development arm of Peaks & Plains Housing Trust. Through Chalk, we're building inspired places, locally developed.